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From an operating theatre to a dental fitout, A1 have your medical and healthcare design solutions

Medical and healthcare fitouts are unique among the world of office design.

While the principles of commercial office design carry over across numerous different types of offices - from banks to fledgling internet start-ups - a medical and healthcare fitout has particular needs and requirements that have to be kept in mind during the design and construction process.

From specific legislative requirements and the specialised needs of the particular clientele of a medical office, there's plenty to think about when it comes to a medical and healthcare fitout. Luckily, A1 Office Fitouts has a long history of working on medical offices of all different kinds.


Types and features of a medical centre design

Even in the specific category of healthcare facilities, there are many breeds of fitouts. Such facilities can be anything from small medical clinics with only a handful of GPs, to large and complex hospitals that not only heal the sick, but offer teaching and research activities, too.

Within these categories are a number of sub-categories, too, depending on what kind of patients and illnesses the facility focuses on.

For example, a successful healthcare design for a pediatric practice would revolve around the fact that the patients are children. This fact would work its way into the design in a number of the elements, from the decor to the way waiting rooms are furnished.

Medical centre design need not solely cover the kinds of facilities we traditionally associate with health and medicine. A1 Office Fitouts also has a great deal of experience in creating the right dental fitout for dental practices, making a professional and pleasant environment for patients and dentists alike.

Delving into these sub-categories, too, there is a variety of different kinds of spaces that each health care facility contains. As the face and gateway of your health care facility, and a space in which patients will likely spend a significant amount of time in, the waiting room is a crucial room to get right. Just as with a reception are in any other business, it sets the tone for your visitor's experience in your workplace.

Along with this, there are the various consultation rooms where the medical professional will have one-on-one interaction with a patient. These also need to be comfortable and help facilitate the interaction between individuals. 

Many healthcare facilities also have an operating theatre to take into account. Needless to say, the kinds of things that go on in an operating theatre are vital to the health and safety of all involved, so it's crucial the design is carefully thought out.


What kind of issues have to be taken into account with healthcare design?

Any office design has to strike a fine balance between the practical and the aesthetically pleasing. The unique point of difference for medical and healthcare fitouts is that not only do they have more practical considerations to keep track of, but they are typically more stringent.

Hospitals and health centres have specific legislative requirements, for one. These include having clear exit paths, as well as easy access to and from every room. After all, if an ambulance has to deal with a patient, time is of the essence - they need to be able to quickly get to them with minimal obstruction.

Not only that, but nowadays, for accreditation, every healthcare facility needs to have clear exit pathways for the doctor away from the patient.

There are also issues to take into account regarding the kinds of visitors a medical and healthcare facility is likely to get - namely, the diversity of clientele. As such, it's important that any medical and healthcare fitout is designed to cater to a wide range of patient types, including both able-bodied and disabled people.

Aside from this, a medical health care fitout also has specific design requirements when it comes to the kind of equipment being used. Whether in an operating theatre that requires gas - as well as good ventilation - or in an x-ray room that requires electricity, ensuring the design fits the different energy requirements is important.

In between juggling these different practical considerations, a medical and healthcare fitout also has to be visually appealing  - a place that patients and medical professionals both want to spend time in. With so many different elements at play, it's not hard to see why hiring the right design professionals is so key.


What are the principles of good healthcare design?

Making a good medical and healthcare fitout can involve numerous different design elements.

Being an area that patients are likely to spend a significant amount of their visit in, the waiting area must be a space of comfort that puts patients at ease. After all, no one likes going to the doctor. So why not create a space that relaxes visitors and helps them feel better? That way, the healing process begins from their first steps inside.

The seating arrangement of the waiting area also plays its part in ensuring the health and comfort of those involved. Good seating will be comfortable, but will provide a degree of separation between patients. This is not only for the comfort aspect, but also to prevent sickness and disease being spread among those waiting.

Ensuring good air flow and good acoustics is also an essential pillar of any medical and healthcare fitout. With people unwell and coughing, it should be no surprise that the air in a healthcare centre has the potential to be unhealthy. Coupled with that, ensuring a steady, pleasant temperature can help patients feel as at ease as possible.

In addition to this, a good medical and healthcare fitout, whether a dental fitout or a hospital, will incorporate flexibility. The medical field is one where the ground is constantly shifting and changing, not only due to expanded knowledge of medicine, but also due to the constantly updating technology. A quality healthcare design will take into account the fact that the constantly evolving field will require offices to be on their toes, and adapt with the times.

One other important design element is creating inviting and therapeutic spaces that will psychologically aid patients in their recovery. While the design principles of years gone by emphasised cleanliness and sanitation, it's recognised nowadays that there's much more to a successful medical and healthcare fitout. Good medical design will also will also accommodate patients' emotional needs, whether through a more open plan or the kinds of colours and decor chosen for it.


A1 Office Fitouts has experience in healthcare design

In our twenty four  years, A1 Office Fitouts has picked up expertise in the field of medical centre design through our work on a diverse range of projects, including dental fitouts. Our General Manager, Jared Wade, is experienced in medical operations, knowledge he has passed on to the rest of the team.

If you're looking to create a safe, practical and comfortable space for your healthcare facility, then A1 Office Fitouts is the ones to call.

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